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control upgrades

Offering better solutions for already existing control, this powerful machine and control panel have had the existing control system removed, and outfitted with brand new PLC control and interactive touchscreen to increase the control and monitoring of the entire plant. Current monitoring, fault feedback and full on-board diagnostics are just a few features this control upgrade has offered this plant. With the upgraded features also comes the flexibility to add and build on this incredible control system with ease.


wire process machines

Our ability to rebuild machines such as this stripe machine that can paint one or multiple stripes on a wide gauge range. Complete tear down and rebuild, from a 1970’s era machine to a state of the art stripe machine that has the capabilities never imagined on this type of equipment. On board temperature control, complete monitoring of all motors on machine, speed, feet per minute and many more aspects of the control available at the touch of the screen.


Relay logic and motor control

On top of the most complex PLC integration projects, we also offer panels and solutions that utilize our expertise in the field to provide a more simple, cost effective approach to motor control.


retro fitting full plant control

Retro fitting is a functional approach to installing new, upgraded plant control, into an existing enclosure that fits the needs of the space of that room already. Retro fitting solutions provide a great way to keep the operational standpoint of the room the same, while introducing a platform to have more efficient control over a plant or operation that it has been installed in.


active temperature and process control

Having the ability to monitor a process is helpful, but having the complete control due to a fully integrated temperature monitoring and control system, is beyond valuable. We take temperature monitoring and control to the next level offering user friendly displays, interactive screens to make changes and multiple avenues to customize the interface experience of the operator.

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